Friday, December 29, 2017

Funky Updatus

Come the end of January, like a skip in the proverbial vinyl record, it’s time again for the return of my absurdist manual, Funky Porcini

Only this time around, there’s going to be a slight difference to the third edition.

While the manual itself contains the same page-count, and filled with the customary nonsensical chaos as the previous issues, there will no longer be a “special edition.”

The book will now be cover to cover riso-printed art.

The original sketch that was previously done on the inside back cover of the “special edition,” will now be a completely separate piece, that will only be available as part of a bundle.

A bundle that will include a new limited edition pin, as well as a signed and numbered, two-color risograph printed poster.

The Funky Porcini pin will be sold separately, as will the third issue.
The limited edition poster, and the original one-of-a-kind piece of art, will only be available in the bundle.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Winding Down

Having stocked the Store with original pages from all five issues of my comic series, Miniature Jesus, I’ve now reached the end of my intentions for the year. 

That being, to load the Store with every ounce of original art that I had, just short of The Superannuated Man.

So, that’s how it will stay . . . for now.

While I’m presently developing the third installment of my absurdist manual, Funky Porcini, I’m also in the process of working on a limited-edition two-color poster

The pin is currently in production.

There’s going to be a slight difference to the special-edition of issue #3, but I’ll make that announcement once the release date gets closer.

Otherwise, that’s pretty much it.
Hard to distinguish between days anymore.

Hours exist solely to gauge eating and sleeping cycles.
Days are structures to base mail and traffic patterns.
Weeks are useless.
Years are an annoying reminder that everything you just spent three-hundred-and-sixty-five days doing . . . will just end up having to be done all over again.

And, again . . .

and . . .



Sunday, November 26, 2017

That's The Way It Is

When I first started this blog a few years ago, it was mostly about the creative process, and how it applied to my everyday working life.

I would expound on what it took to wrap my head around an idea, and then pound it into something that worked. 

Or, at least, a concept that had legs, which could then be built upon.

Then, the day came where I realized just how detrimental it is to verbalize what took me years to come to terms with. 

Lessons learned. 

Mistakes made. 

Restarts and set-backs.

But the biggest awakening I had was when it became clear to me that there were people out there who had less-than-honorable intentions, and tried worming their way into my headspace, for much more nefariously self-propelling reasons.

And so, I shut the whole thing down.

Because there's nothing worse for an artist, than to share what's in the deepest recesses of the creative mind, to only have it used by others, who are too damn lazy, and way too self-serving, to actually spend the time it takes to learn it themselves.

Now, I find that this blog will have a new platform.
A place where I can, and will, talk about a variety of subjects that range anywhere from the most absurdly ludacrist twaddle, to chunky rhetoric with a more grounded substance.

Just not how, or why, I do what I do.

So, if you're that someone who's looking for me to expose my innermost thoughts about the creative process, and what it takes to get it all done . . .

Go someplace else.


Saturday, November 25, 2017

What It Is

I'll put it this way.

I've reached a point where producing original art solely to sell on the Store is, for creatively subjective reasons, no longer a personally viable option.

And leave it at that.

So, whatever is presently available in the Red Star Store that is not from a previously printed series, is the last of that type of work I'll be producing.

That said, along with the January/February release of Funky Porcini #3, I'll also be making available a limited edition poster, as well as a new pin.

Both Funky Porcini related.

When time allows, I will eventually return to adding issues of original art from MONDO, Miniature Jesus, and The Superannuated Man.


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Everything Old Is New Again

I'm presently in the midst of working on pieces that are of a more personal explorational purpose, while simultaneously starting the third installment of Funky Porcini.

That said, I'm letting the Store ride as-is with its current stock of original art, that is from what I refer to as "fringe projects." Projects that were done in collaboration with another writer, and/or works done using preexisting "company" characters. 
All of which are priced at such criminally low rates, I cannot reduce them any lower, or put them on sale.

Then, at some point, I'm going to start adding pages from my own creations, at ridiculously fair prices, as well.

Starting with META 4, I'm going to make available all the pages I still have, one issue at a time.

For example, all of what I have left of META 4 #1, including (if) any extras and whatnot, will be put up in the Store. 

Then, when I am able to do so, will add META 4 #2, and again, anything else that is directly linked to that specific issue.

Once I've run through all five issues of META 4, I'll move onto my series MONDO, and continue the same process of releasing all the original pages, one issue at a time.

Books will be added in the order they were produced.

So, after MONDO will be Miniature Jesus, and then The Superannuated Man.

This is a long-term plan, and impossible to have every issue's art come out with a specific date, or within the exact same amount of time between each title.

I'm going to put each issue up when I can.

It's a big procedure, and will take time.

But, it will happen.

Now, I just need to remember where I put that second head, and two other arms, of mine.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Funky Exodus

The second issue of my absurdist manual, Funky Porcini, is now Sold Out.

Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy, and made this such a successful run.
Your support is much appreciated.

The third edition will be coming out sometime around January/February 2018.


Friday, September 29, 2017

Cycling the Funky

As an artist, I thrive on swerving down paths that are diversively, and divisively, different than whatever came before.

That's exactly what I'm doing with Funky Porcini.

Originally, I set out to make my absurdist manual an artistic outlet that would simply be an exorcise all of the head-yelling chaos that rambles around my insomniatic brain.

But now, with having released the second issue, Funky Porcini has become one of the most wacked out creatively satisfying endeavors I have ever undertaken.

Which means, I'm going to proceed turning up the funkiness, and making each new manual slightly (or not so slightly) different from its predecessor.

Because, even though change is inevitable, when it comes to the creative process, it sometimes can get caught in a cycle that circles back onto itself, developing into a comfort-zone death-spiral routine, and that is a place I will never allow myself to be.

Nothing should stay the same.

Artistic stagnation is creative death.

That all said, the next installment of Funky Porcini should be out towards the end of  January 2018.

In the meantime, I'm in the process of developing some new Funky merch for the Store.
Along with making a substantial amount of original comic art available, at some seriously jazzy prices.

So, come on back around.
I'll be working somewhere over by the dumpsters.


Monday, September 4, 2017

Funky Porcini Subsequentus

The second issue of my absurdist manual, Funky Porcini, is now available in the Red Star Store.

Limited to only one-hundred copies, there are two versions available. Signed, or signed with an original color sketch.

Note: Sketch Requests are not accepted, as they will be whatever strikes me.

Like it's predecessor, Funky Porcini #2 is a Risograph production, but this issue utilizes a two-color (black & red) print run on some of its pages.

There's also a new line of original, one-of-a-kind mixed media Woodworks, that I've added to the Store.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Rhapsodic Sketchiness

I hate the act of a sketchbook.

I cannot stand the idea of doing sketches in a sketchbook for the sake of  "warming up," or "putting down ideas."

It's not the same thing as playing with designs to figure out what goes where, or how something might flow. 
That's a completely different animal.

What I'm talking about is doing a drawing that pops into my head, unloading it into some do-nothing-with book, and then . . . what?
Eventually be redone into a more completed piece?

Fuck that shit.

A good idea gets put down on paper ONCE, and "sketching out" that idea first, is tantamount to throwing it away.

Sketchbook sketching, is the creative kiss of death.

It saps your energy and focus, meanders about, and shits out nothing but half-assed ideas, that if were initially nurtured, and used for something completed, would have been time better spent. Because, in my opinion, an idea has only one single point of application. Anything after that, is just reworking it. And reworking art, even from a sketch, will never retain that initial spark that happens when the pen hits the proverbial paper for the first time.

Even if the finished piece sucks, it still can be learned from. 
Whereas a sketch gives back absolutely nothing.
Because it contains no foundation to base a critique upon.

Don't get me wrong, I've done my fair share of sketchbooks in the past. Pages upon pages filled with stuff that ended up going nowhere, because I blew my creative load too soon, and it all went limp because it was "just a sketch." 

And so, where are all those half-baked, creatively stunted works now?

Packed up in a box in the garage, fending off silverfish, and the page-yellowing specter of time.

Yeah . . . my point exactly.


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Funky Resurrectus

The second installment of my absurdist manual, Funky Porcini, has been birthed.

It'll go off  to press next week, and then ironically, be available in the Store on Labor Day weekend.

When that happens, aside from the pin, whatever 5x5's and woodworks are left after the present sale, will be permanently removed, and relegated to Con appearances only.

With the release of the second issue of Funky Porcini, I'll be starting the Store over with an entirely new base of works. No longer will I be stocking any of my trades or collected editions, even though I will occasionally be throwing on original art pages from those past series.

Otherwise, the Store will solely consist of all forthcoming issues of Funky Porcini, new woodworks of varying sizes, 5x5's, napkin art, pins, and a few other ideas that are presently gestating in my grinding head.

Also, at some point, I'm planning to bring back the "Your Character Here" 5x5 campaign, for a brief period.

But, for now, it's time for me to get this latest manual of allegorical funkiness off to press.


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Segue Panache

When I originally departed the comic book industry, I had a vision that I'd spend my days sitting on a front porch, sucking down iced coffees, while listening to the soul caressing melodies of Miles. 

But, apparently, that wasn't meant to be.

Having worked non-stop for the past year, I'm now on the verge of becoming like that proverbial goldfish, who will eat continously until it dies. But, I do have enough sense left in me (barely), to know it's time I truly stepped away from the fray.

At least for a bit.

With my mini-comic thing being completed, and about to be sent off to press, and the Store as fully stocked as it is, I'm going to focus on staring at the wall, and watching the paint peel.

Well, that's the intent.

For all I know, I'll be neck deep in ink in two days after the yelling in my head grows to a level that makes my ears bleed.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Just Around the Corner

Being creative should, in itself, be a defiance of the rules. 
No matter who says otherwise.
Because what I create is an expression of my rebellious self.
I draw whatever the hell is burning to be revealed, that it becomes so overwhelming, I can't work fast enough to get it out and onto the page.
At least, that's how I personally think art, in all its forms, should be. And not because it's going to be “liked,” or sell thousands, or be made into a crappy film, or any of the other countless ways personal integrity gets cemented over in favor of corporate-minded intent and purpose.
Point being, I never think “is this going to be a hit?” 
Or, “is this going to make me rich/famous/popular?”
Fact is, I really could give a rat’s ass about all that.
I just work.
Hell, I'll grab a friggin’ stick and find some sand, for Chrissakes.
And only THEN do I figure out what to do with it.
Not the other way around.
I remember this young girl who was being interviewed about what she wanted to be when she grew up. Without pausing after being asked, she responded with . . . “famous.” 
That pretty much sums up the way things are these days.
The truth is, typical is stagnation. 
And stagnation is artistic death.
Which leads me to my present work in progress.
I've decided to go in an entirely new direction, and start producing my own self-published mini comic(s).
Well, a “comic” might not exactly be what this thing is.
It's more like . . . a box of Lucky Charms cereal, minus the lame-o cereal bits.
All crazy-ass marshmallows.
Without a single solitary storyline, it's unlike anything I've done before. 
It's more a mixed-bag of non-consecutive sequences that are dictated by wherever the ink feels like going.
Meaning, I'm dumping every loose screw in my chaotic head out onto the pages, with absolutely zero rules, and even less limitations.

I'll have the first issue ready for my forthcoming con appearances, and then available through my Red Star Store afterwards.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Standing in the Ashes

I feel that it's time to reinvent myself.

To start anew, without all the past baggage cluttering up the already convoluted pros and cons of what I used to do.

For too long I've relied on the comic industry to set the pace to how I produced my work, which is now finally starting to dissipate after months of doing 5x5's, and the recent bout of wood panel pieces.

And so, I've wiped my entire blog clean of all past posts, for no other reason than because I'm a person who focuses on the present. A present that no longer has me shackled to the limitations of industry procedures, or mainstream standards.

Therefor, with everything prior having either been addressed, expressed, and/or answered, it's time to move forward.

My thanks and appreciation to everyone who had a kind word to say, and the support that accompanied my departing said industry. 

But now, it's a new day.

A new road.

A new destination.

And that destination is for me to begin creating conceptions that are no longer defined as "comics", but as works that dictate whatever format calls for their telling. Be it single pieces of original art, or "bound" editions, sequential or otherwise.

Which means, there is no one direction that I'm heading in.

No single category for me to conform to.

So, this parabolic podium that is RED STAR, like the creative path I now find myself on, can and will be about almost anything that crosses my ever-grinding mind.

That is, anything EXCEPT politically laced mumbo-jumbo whining crap. There's already enough of that nonsense choking the internet as it is. And there are better qualified "experts" out there more suited for all that garbage, than I.