Sunday, February 5, 2017

Standing in the Ashes

I feel that it's time to reinvent myself.

To start anew, without all the past baggage cluttering up the already convoluted pros and cons of what I used to do.

For too long I've relied on the comic industry to set the pace to how I produced my work, which is now finally starting to dissipate after months of doing 5x5's, and the recent bout of wood panel pieces.

And so, I've wiped my entire blog clean of all past posts, for no other reason than because I'm a person who focuses on the present. A present that no longer has me shackled to the limitations of industry procedures, or mainstream standards.

Therefor, with everything prior having either been addressed, expressed, and/or answered, it's time to move forward.

My thanks and appreciation to everyone who had a kind word to say, and the support that accompanied my departing said industry. 

But now, it's a new day.

A new road.

A new destination.

And that destination is for me to begin creating conceptions that are no longer defined as "comics", but as works that dictate whatever format calls for their telling. Be it single pieces of original art, or "bound" editions, sequential or otherwise.

Which means, there is no one direction that I'm heading in.

No single category for me to conform to.

So, this parabolic podium that is RED STAR, like the creative path I now find myself on, can and will be about almost anything that crosses my ever-grinding mind.

That is, anything EXCEPT politically laced mumbo-jumbo whining crap. There's already enough of that nonsense choking the internet as it is. And there are better qualified "experts" out there more suited for all that garbage, than I.


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