Sunday, March 26, 2017

Segue Panache

When I originally departed the comic book industry, I had a vision that I'd spend my days sitting on a front porch, sucking down iced coffees, while listening to the soul caressing melodies of Miles. 

But, apparently, that wasn't meant to be.

Having worked non-stop for the past year, I'm now on the verge of becoming like that proverbial goldfish, who will eat continously until it dies. But, I do have enough sense left in me (barely), to know it's time I truly stepped away from the fray.

At least for a bit.

With my mini-comic thing being completed, and about to be sent off to press, and the Store as fully stocked as it is, I'm going to focus on staring at the wall, and watching the paint peel.

Well, that's the intent.

For all I know, I'll be neck deep in ink in two days after the yelling in my head grows to a level that makes my ears bleed.



  1. Just try to avoid the occasional Blue Haze, make sure to do some Walkin’ and some Cookin’ (including Steamin’), most assuredly some Relaxin’. When Round Midnight comes around reflect on the fact that you are Miles Ahead of the shitty times from last year. Occasionally nostalgia may interfere and leave you Kind of Blue , but fuck that, the Quiet Nights can be soothing In a Silent Way. Pour the coffee into a fresh Bitches Brew and think of having some Big Fun and just Get Up With It. Avoid the Star People and hope to never hear the phrase, “You’re Under Arrest”.
    Sometimes our (so called) Aura is all we got.
    Miles! Miles! Miles!

    (ok, enough of that shit...I tried).

    Take it easy sir.

    1. Actually, damn impressive, man.
      And so, in keeping with all that jazz . . .
      The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
      But I have promises to keep, and Miles to go before I sleep.
      Thanks, j_ay.