Friday, April 21, 2017

Never Not Happening

Just got word that my "mini-comic thing" is presently in the process of being assembled.

Which means, it will be ready for my Con appearances next month.

Also, now that I've stepped away from producing 5x5's for the foreseeable future, I've since been inventorying a bunch of original art from my past comics industry works. 

There's an absurd amount of really cool pieces that never saw the light of day, which I've now added to the Red Star Store.

So, there's that.



  1. Excellent news...and while it greatly adds to you To Do List (packaging, mailing, etc) hopefully those of us not able to to make it to any of the cons can someway, somehow obtain your new project...

    Looking forward to seeing what coolness crawls out of the T. vault.

    be well,

    1. No problem there, j.
      I fully intend to add the the mini to the Store, once I get back from the Cons in May,
      Thanks, man.
      You as well.

    2. Wonderful, wonderful news, sir.

      I greatly look forward to it. and seeing all the goodies that you put up in the store.

      Keep on keepin' on,

    3. As always, much appreciations, man.